"We had the fortunate opportunity of working with Tim to do our wedding photoshoot and couldn’t have asked for a better, more talented photographer. My husband and I wanted a more edgy, artistic style of photos yet wanted to retain the element of wedding elegance. Tim was the only photographer who was able to give us exactly what we requested. Not only did the angles and style of the pictures turn out great, but the quality was of high value. He took his time to make sure the setup and lighting were proper for every single shot. Tim is very professional and his clear communication skills made the whole experience easy and pleasant for us. The added bonus was that we received our pictures, beautifully edited and ready for print, in a very short period of time after the shoot. We are very impressed and highly recommend Tim for a wedding."
Orzala & Martin, San Diego
"I have had the pleasure of working with Tim during my engagement photo shoot as well as some photo shoots for personal use. His knowledge of photography blows me away. Tim was easy (and fun!) to work with as he listens to the client’s desires and interests and executes quality work. Furthermore, his work reflects mine and my husband’s personalities which is great to catch on camera! On a side note, it’s impressing to know that Tim has traveled the world to capture colorful culture and beautiful history, all through his lens! Thank you Tim for your wonderful work over and over again.P.S. It was exciting to see some of Tim’s latest work: UNDERWATER MATERNITY SHOOTS! Come to find out, he is one of the few that does this! This is pure talent!"
Breanne, Santa Barbara www.breanneanderic.com
"Tim is a doll and very easy to be around. On our wedding day he was passionate and invested. I knew this already about him since he took our engagement photos so I felt comfortable and confident. Tim got all the shots we wanted on our wedding day and more. We have one beautiful photo on a canvas and another of my mother and that just makes your heart melt. He captures the experience and feelings in his photography that really makes you feel like you are there living the moment. His turn around time is accurate and efficient and it is always nice to receive your photos quickly. He created beautiful memories to cherish that we can look back on forever. You can trust Tim and are in good hands!"
Alisha, Escondido
"I have admired Tim’s work for a while. I love how he is able to capture the true expression and emotions of his subjects whether it be the cultural shots or maternity. When my daughter turned 6 months old and we wanted pictures to capture her “in her world” at that age I didn’t hesitate to ask Tim. I wasn’t sure if he was interested in photographing babies since they can be very difficult to work with and you never know how they are going to feel, but he said yes without hesitation. Tim hadn’t done a baby photo shoot before but did an amazing job. He came to our house and from the moment that he arrived he decided where he wanted to set up and we started, you never know how long you have with a baby before they melt down. We started with some shots outdoors to capture her first experience playing outside and finished indoors to capture more of her personality in a comfortable setting, and a few cute outfits. As the evening progressed and the baby was a bit fussy Tim jumped in and made some goofy faces to help settle her, he was great! The baby was very comfortable with him and played and smiled the whole time. Tim completely captured her personality on film, one of my favorite shots is her sitting in the grass for the first time just looking at the world. I loved working with Tim and have asked him to take pictures of my daughter for her 1st Birthday as well."
AnneMarie, San Diego
"I've known Tim for several years now. I remember all the amazing photos he took (whether he was on vacation or doing a shoot) and secretly hoped he would print and frame one as a gift for me, but I've had no luck so far! I did however, have the honor of working with Tim both in front and behind the camera. As a model and manager, I've worked with numerous photographers. I can honestly say that Tim is THE #1 recommended. Whenever someone is looking for a photographer, "Tim" is the name that immediately pops into my mind. Not only is he professional on set, he also makes you feel very comfortable. Since our first shoot, I could not wait to work with Tim at every opportunity. He was able to do amazing collaborations with designers (The Little White Dress), videographers (Dorian Film Productions), coworkers, friends- you name it! For those who are impatient like me and wish to see the photos ASAP, the fact that Tim has amazingly fast turnaround time is definitely a huge plus. His natural love and passion for photography, as well as his willingness to try anything and everything new is what makes Tim such a jewel among all the other photographers. I'm way ahead of myself, but I already know I'm going to ask Tim to capture all the big moments in my life- be it my engagement, wedding, maternity, newborn, 1st birthday, or photos of my beloved Yorkie, Butters. What really sets Tim apart from all other photographers is his underwater photography. Who else would have thought of an underwater maternity shoot?"
Angela, Los Angeles
"My dog Lexie means the world to me. So when I wanted some special pictures of her, I immediately thought of Tim. His stunning photographs constantly amaze me, whether they are of his latest adventure or from his newest shoot. From personal experience, I know how hard it can be to get a good picture of my very energetic and less than obedient dog. But Tim, completely prepared to deal with such an uncooperative subject, was willing to do whatever it took to get the shot; even lying in the grass at one point. He used a variety of lenses and angles, and offered ideas and directions to achieve exactly what I was looking for. When I got the final prints, they completely exceeded my expectations. Tim's professional expertise and special eye for the perfect picture were evident in the final product, capturing Lexie's unique personality beautifully! I am also very glad that he convinced me to be in some of the pictures with Lexie, since those turned out to be my favorites. I will be forever grateful to have such beautiful photographs to remember Lexie and the joy she brings me every single day. Thanks Tim!!!"
Monica, Oceanside
"Tim has the ability to bring paradise to print, letting us savor those special moments everyday. With an eye for detail, creativity, and a deep appreciation of natural beauty Develop Emotion takes everyday shots and turns them into vivid memories. We've ordered a collection of sunset, and surf canvases from Tim, transforming the living room into a beach oasis. The diversity of his interests and global escapades coupled with his professional and personable nature- make for an unique combination of photographer and artist. We look forward to working with DevelopEmotion again."
Carrie, San Diego
"My wife and I hired Tim to take our engagement photos and were very pleased with the results. Tim knows the San Diego area well and can think of the perfect location to match your vision for your photo shoot. He has an eye for detail and color to get those shots that really capture the essence of the moment. His photos explode with color, contrast, and creativity. Not only is he personable and easy to work with, he has a way of making you feel at ease so your experience is comfortable and your photos are natural looking. Tim is very tech savvy and has some of the latest high end cameras, timed flashes, lenses, etc. We loved working with him so much that we hired him for our wedding photos and maternity shoot as well!"
Jeff, Escondido
"I've known Tim for a few years and have always been really impressed with his photography skills, but it wasn't until I actually asked him to take family photos of my siblings and I that I learned what a true professional he is. Not only was he incredibly accommodating and positive, he also provided a really fun and relaxed experience that all of us enjoyed. We're a goofy bunch that range from shy to outlandish but Tim managed to capture our individual personalities in every photo while also capturing the setting of our photos in excellent light. We took the pictures at Balboa Park, a classic San Diego location, and although we're the main focus of each picture, the subtleties of the park are clear in every shot, making it familiar as well as exceptional. Since I was already friends with Tim, I knew he'd be easy going to work with, but even my siblings who'd met him for the first time found him light-hearted and fun without any lack of professionalism. Our time was very wisely used, hitting multiple spots in the park and getting qualities pictures in about 45 minutes. His turn-around time was incredible, catering to the fact that we had to deliver the photos for a birthay that was fast approaching. He also provided me with information on the best site to print high-quality pictures as well as affordable spots to frame them (for canvas printing, see here), which was really helpful. From, "Tim, I need some pictures!" to the last re-touching and edits, I have nothing but great things to say about Tim's work and highly recommend Develop Emotion."

Nikki, San Diego

Tim was such a pleasure to work with. He was able to make the shoot fast and comfortable. He also came up with a lot of creative ideas for the images. And, when he went back and edited the photos, they looked phenomenal! I would definitely work with Tim again in the future. Thanks Tim!

Katie Jo aka Kim Kardashian, San Diego

Tims photography has quality that’s a one of a kind. His ideas set up for a wide variety of great shots! Overall the experience with Tim was very satisfactory.

Chris, San Diego
"Working alongside Tim, I learned what a great photographer he is. I asked him if he would be able to take pictures of my family for Christmas cards. He was very professional and patient even with all of my pets and teenagers. He had some great suggestions for our shots and we were very pleased with our pictures - we had some taken at the beach (sorry Tim for making you climb the Swami Beach stairs, haha) and in our home as well. I received numerous compliments on my Christmas card and would definitely use Tim again for this occasion and others. I believe Tim captured what I wanted and the "proofs" :) is in the pictures!"
Jamie, Encinitas
"Tim is an extremely gifted photographer. He has the talent to effortlessly capture the moment while making you feel relaxed and natural. Tim has taken surfing photos and engagement photos for me. His ability to capture surf shots is amazing. Surfing is very difficult to shoot as the movements of the waves and rider are hard to predict. Whether he was in the water or on land he captured the maneuver at the perfect time. Not only did he get the shot, but his positioning brought out his artistic touch in every shot. For our engagement session he made my wife and I feel comfortable and relaxed. By doing that our engagement photos brought out the true love and desire we have for each other. Tim is my go to man for photos whether it is an action sport shoot, engagement shoot, maternity shoot, or just to order prints from his world travels. His raw talent and genuine personality make him a pleasure to work with."
Eric, Santa Barbara


"As a global business, InterCulture contracted with Tim Davis to provide the photographs needed to complete our website and for world wide marketing purposes. We highly recommend that your company research Tim’s vast world-wide library of photographs for your business needs. We are delighted to report that Tim always came up with the right photograph to give “voice” to our business message.On a personal level, Tim is exceptional in family and engagement portraits! He is patient, creative and delivers your finished product expediently. Don’t waste time, hire the best now!"

Helen in Santa Barbara, CA

http://magicseaweed.com/ Tim's surf photography has been featured on Magic Seaweed's international surf forecast and news site, and was voted one of the top "Big Waves" from users around the world.
The Pearl Hotel The Pearl Hotel recognized Tim's underwater maternity photography by putting his image as their Facebook profile picture, after Tim won their photography contest in San Diego, CA.